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Standard System Container

A long lasting system
The System Container is designed with a welded steel frame design offering a sturdy, long lasting storage system. The walls and roof are covered with galvanised sheet steel which is painted to ensure optimal corrosion protection. The integral sump is installed with removable grids for easy cleaning and maintenance and provides the necessary environmental protection in accordance with the law.

Hazardous materials storage can be planned
For the storage of corrosive substances, the store can be used directly ex works with an acid-resistant PE inliner or can be fitted with a stainless steel sump.
The System Container is also suitable for the storage of flammable liquids when used with an accessories kit. The kit includes an earth lead for customer earthing / equipotential bonding to avoid static charge and also a label for the container.

Safety and quality

  • Compliant with Environment Agency and HSE regulations.
  • Galvanised components give long lasting corrosion protection.
  • Dye penetration test in accordance with EN 571-1 to check sump sealing.
  • Designed for a typical roof snow load of sk = 0.94 kN/m².
  • Designed for a typical wind load with a dynamic pressure of qref = 0.5 kN/m².
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FBM fire rated storage container

Storage of large quantities of hazardous materials
With container type FBM base you'll have a safe and cost effective solution for the storage of flammable substances and liquids in all water polluting classes.
The space saving shelving construction, in dimensions suited to the storage of drums, palletised goods or IBCs, permits the storage of large quantities of hazardous materials while still guaranteeing easy, quick access to your stored materials.

Fire protection
All round fire protection is necessary especially when storing flammable substances. In addition to the quality mineral wool panels in the walls and roof, fire protection is guaranteed by placing the container flat on the concrete foundation pad. A thick undercoat primer is used underneath for long lasting corrosion protection.











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2K 214.0


Capacity: 4 IBC
Sump volume:  1100 l

1 G 314


Capacity: 10 Drums
Sump volume:  750 l



Capacity: 18 IBC
Sump volume:  4500 l

2G 614.0


Capacity: 40 Drums
Sump volume:  2050 l

FBM base 314.20


Capacity: 2 IBC
Sump volume:  1270 l

FBM base 714.20 OST-el


Capacity: 12 IBC
Sump volume:  2000 l

FBM base 314.30


Capacity: 4 IBC
Sump volume:  1270 l

FBM plus 614.30


Capacity: 8 IBC
Sump volume: 2600 l