Heated containers

The expanded solution
DENIOS heated containers are built according to the tried and tested construction principle of a welded steel construction, with insulation on all sides, and make use of steel outer skin elements with a supporting core of mineral wool or polyurethane hard foam (PIR).
Their design as non-walk-in temperature control systems that must be loaded from outside, enables an optimum cubic capacity and good space utilisation for 205 litre drums and IBCs.
They are recommended for contolled heating and melting of substances that are to be used further in the manufacturing process. Higher temperatures (of more than 150 °C) are possible upon request. The construction is then modified and other materials are used (e.g. stainless steel or galvanised parts).

How it works
A recirculation fan draws the air from the upper part of the heated box and passes it down a duct to a heat exchanger where it is heated. An air diffuser then passes the heated air to the lower part of the heated container under the storage grid. This allows for a free flowing air circulation that results in fast and even heating of the substances being stored.

Heated Container WB 12.12

Flow-through heated container

Heated Container WB 24.12

Heated Container 314-2